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Holistic Education

Shaping young, impressionable minds is one of the life’s biggest challenges and holistic education has become the needs of the hour. It has become imperative that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace.

MBS International School, Sector-11, Dwarka aims to empower its students to grow as individuals with strong open discerning minds, to think differently and to be an individual, preparing them to make a mark in the global village the world has come to, today. The school places significance on relationships and primary human values within the learning environment. In learning about their relationship with others, the students focus on ‘social and emotional literacy’.

MBS International school has a distinctive academic programme and innovative teaching methodologies which encourages their students to develop critical-thinking and learn through enquiry and reasoning, to exchange thoughts and ideas, to develop key personal and social values, to take ownership of his/her choices and to set goals to realize their own unique potential.

There are also extensive facilities for nurturing and honing creative and sportive talents, as an integral part of the student’s growth. Set in lush sprawling internationally styled campus, MBS is poised to be the nucleus of world-class education, creating value-conscious global citizens dedicated to personal and professional excellence- reflecting our philosophy of creating a multi-cultural learning community of Leaders who will lead by example. MBS International School is an institution where students and teachers along with administrative management work towards a mutual goal – to nurture every single child who goes to them and equip them with the tools necessary to face today’s world.

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