Senior Secondary Recognized and Affiliated to C.B.S.E.

Primary Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary School

"Education should help the individual from birth and protect his environment."

The curriculum is well planned with an over emphasis on child centered approach which respects the needs and abilities of each individual child in our care. The children are motivated to having hands on experience rather than depending on rote memory. We at MBS realise that without positive attitude and perception and the right kind of classroom environment, learning cannot happen.

It is our sincere endeavour to build holistic personalities by incorporating innovative pedagogical practices, inclusion of Yoga, mass display of fitness, learning of computers etc. in the curriculum, which helps in sustaining and internalising learning. Since education at all levels is viewed today as an acquisition of skills rather than theoretical knowledge, students are imparted formal training in music and dance.

The school's curriculum includes foreign languages like French, German & Japanese, fulfilling our quest to make the students of MBS - Global citizens. In order to sensitise the students to various environmental issues like preserving Mother Nature and importance of clean and green surroundings GOOD LIFE CAMPAIGN, GREEN INITIATIVE, PARYAVARAN MITRA programmes are taken up. Children are also made aware of the prevalent social issues and community service projects are taken up at all levels through the Pryaas project. The school also conducts special counselling sessions in collaboration with a renowned institution to expose the students to multicultural and pluralistic trends.

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