Senior Secondary Recognized and Affiliated to C.B.S.E.

House System

  1. To chisel the innovate spirit and to inculcate a healthy competitive ambience in the school, the students have been sorted into various houses. The students are given responsibilities as House Captains and Prefects. This helps in the development of leadership qualities & enhances their self confidence. The four Houses of the school are


    House T-Shirt Colour
    Curie Red
    Tagore Green
    Teresa Blue
    Vivekanand Yellow
  2. Each student of school is alloted one of these Houses.
  3. Each of the houses is headed by a House In-charge. He/She prepares and guides the students for Inter House competition/activities and other responsibilities.
  4. Inter House Competition are meant to generate positive and healthy competitive spirit.
  5. Each House shall have two student office bearers namely Captain and a Vice Captain.
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