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It gives us great pleasure to welcome all students and parents to MBS International School, where we strive for excellence in everything we do. With one of the most vibrant environments, everything we do, every decision we make, centers on the students and how we can promote their thirst for knowledge. MBS offers a comprehensive curriculum where every child, from pre-primary to class Xll, can develop self-esteem, self-confidence and achieve their full individual potential.

We firmly believe in exceptional facilities, but even more so in exceptional faculty. With a regular training program for all members of staff, our passionate and highly motivated faculty provides a caring and supportive environment, where children can learn without the fear of making mistakes, be flexible enough to overcome any obstacle and ambitious enough to be extraordinary, and not just ordinary.

We understand that young minds need a holistic educational experience to support their development through specific and prime areas of learning. Therefore, as our pupils' progress from Pre-Primary to Class Xll, they will enjoy supportive, age appropriate facilities including Smart Class, dedicated science and technology provisions, computer labs, art and music studios, indoor and outdoor sporting areas and a wealth of the latest training aids in all subjects. We have a great belief in theatre, as it teaches all students a wealth of abilities (including personality development, confidence, communication skills, team work and social skills) and hence are proud to present a fully equipped auditorium where our students can showcase their artistic prowess.

MBS has a very strict regime of training for its entire security staff, and with 24 hour CCTV surveillance and a fully equipped medical room, we are able to provide a totally secure yet creative environment where every MBSian can excel and achieve their maximum potential.

Throughout the academic years at MBS, the highly trained faculty focus on teaching all the core subjects using the latest teaching techniques developed around the world. With these techniques, the students get a real deep understanding of the subject, thereby reducing stress throughout the year and at examination time. This deep understanding of the curriculum being taught results in high grades for all MBSians

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